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Health guarantee stating pups have been vet checked and are heltahy.

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Angel Approx. 5/2009

Keola Approx. 9/2009

Nevaeh Approx. 12/2009

* Golden Oasis postponed breeding in 2008 due to the state of the U.S. economy

Golden Oasis breeds with integrity as a priority. Our focus is to improve the breed of dogs and be in accordance with the AKC requirements. Furthermore, our goal is to provide you with the healthiest, most beautiful well-tempered animal we can. We believe this comes by studying our goldens. Our dogs live with us in our home and they are under constant supervision. They are given extensive exercise with walks and runs and they enjoy romping with each other. We don't believe in kenneling unless the behavior warrents confinment. This allows socialization with people from birth up, socialization with other dogs and other animals. They become accustomed to handeling, noises, smells and are surrounded by many children and adults. Our personal philosophy is that the more we socialize the puppy the better they adapt to their new home and new experiences.

It's been our experience that this extensive socialization makes it easier for the new owners. We truly believe this is our key to GREAT puppies and dogs. We limit our breeding to once a year for each girl. This way we allow ample time for her rest and recovery back to normal health. Our girls are given proper medical care throughout their life and are up to date on vaccines at time of breeding. The mamas are well tended to during their delicate pregnancy and fed extra protein and supplements to assure a healthy litter. The mama and pups are supervised 24 hours around the clock during the first month. The second month, they spend part of their day outside with mom. At this stage, the pups start a casual training program learning comfort in a create and potty training outside.

Golden Oasis is committed to uplifting the standards of health certification. Ideally this guarantees the soundest puppy. These certifications will include OFA certification, Penn hip, eye certification, patella cert., and thyroid and heart certification. Presently, the OFA and eye certification is customary.

Please visit the AKC for golden retriever standards and confirmation. The AKC has become much more client friendly so don't hesitate to check out their website. The OFA for hip dysphasia and other orthopedic information. We also encourage you to find a veterinarian you can trust to help you through questions and testing. Golden Retriever Rescue of the Rockies We always like to promote adopting an older dog with out a home before a puppy purchase. They can make wonderful pets. We'd like to recommend the Greenwood Wildlife center for any wildlife found or in need of help, Lyons, CO.

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